In the age of Technology man was not made to sit. Man was made to move. Yet, contemporary office lifestyles are designed for us to spend entire days sitting passively behind computer screens. Our health is suffering; weakened muscles and sluggish blood circulation are reaching epidemic proportions.

To accommodate the body’s need to move frequently and variably “Techno motion” inspires new office lifestyles with six wooded stools to stimulate a range of active sitting postures throughout the day.

The stools train muscles that are unused in a conventional chair and facilitate physical fitness. One of them trains us to squat  – which most adults find hard to do nowadays, due to a lack of practice. The set facilitates a diversity of movement and suits every type of office scenario, from meetings, to conference calls, to computer work.

Supported by:

Concept & design:
    Boris Lancelot
    Julica Morlok, Christoph Seyferth, Tjalling Mulder, Boris Lancelot
    Seewhy Ngchoyiu
    Simon van de Zande, Chiara Zöe
    Arjan Wammes
Special thanks:
    Tamar Shafrir